About Walkers

About Walkers

From humble beginnings…

While businesses old and new come and go,  Walker & Son have been supplying generations of families in Leicestershire and the Midlands with their award-winning pies for 190 years.

Now part of the Samworth Brothers group,  Walker & Son started out as a family run business and remains so to this day.  They have,  however,  come a very long way from their humble beginning as a small group of local butchers and bakers, hand-making up to 200 pies a day, to the award-winning pies sold in their millions in supermarkets across the UK today.


Our Proud Heritage

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Walker & Son was founded in Leicester in 1824 by Mark Walker, who,  along with his son, opened a butchers shop on Leicester High Street.

In the early days their sausages were a hit,  but then they built a bakery and the famous Walkers pork pie was born!



During the meat rationing in World War II,  Walker & Son diversified the business and, using the surplus fat of meat products and locally grown potatoes, began producing potato crisps – becoming the original creators of the famous snack brand.

This side of the business was eventually taken over by PepsiCo, leaving Walker & Son to focus on what they do best – quality meat products.

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