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What Makes a Walkers Pork Pie


The recipe that we use is unique to Walkers and we have not once altered the recipe to our classic Walkers pork pie since we started baking pies in 1824.  

We remain one of the only pork pie bakeries to continue using the traditional method of making proper pork stock for our jelly.  Our knowledge of pork pies is an accumulation of experience and wisdom passed down the bakery since our creation almost 200 years ago.

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Not only have we baked pies for hundreds of years, we have also insisted upon using quality products throughout that time.  At Walker & Son,  we firmly believe that a quality outcome can only be achieved through maintaining the quality of the ingredients we put in. This is why we promise never to cut corners or save costs on our ingredients.

We currently source only 100% British Pork as a policy,  and are unique in sourcing 75% of our wheat from the UK (we are doing our best on this…)

Walkers Shop Shoot Sept 1 2014


This is not only to our customers, but also to our suppliers and community.  We endeavour to build long lasting relationships, and have even been dealing with one British-based company, Heygates (UK Supplier of the Year 2011),  for over 20 years.

Furthermore, we aim only to use materials and suppliers that meet our Sustainability and Ethical Standards. We only use 100% Sustainable Palm Oil, making sure our business’ footprint is as small as we can manage.

Our Pork Pie Experts


Ian has been making and baking pork pies at Walker and Son for the last 38 years.  In this time, not only has Ian created personalised pies for the Queen and Lady Diana, he has won over 130 awards at the British Pie Awards since its creation in 2009, including being crowned as Supreme Champion for 2 consecutive years.

Ian makes sure we consistently deliver the same exceptional quality pork pie, and that any new Walker pork pies are as good as the day he joined the business.

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Our Range

WALKERS MEDIUM PORK PIE  (280G): Great for Sharing


WALKERS MINI PORK PIES  (4 PER PACK – 200G): Perfect for a picnic, lunch box or just a quick snack from the fridge.


WALKERS INDIVIDUAL PORK PIE  (140G): Ideal as the star attraction of a Ploughman’s lunch




Deli Favourites

Currently available at our Walkers Leicester City Centre Shop and from some supermarket deli counters

Walkers King Size Fluted Pork Pie :

Our original and multi award-winning iconic Pork Pie

walkers king size fluted pork pie

Walkers Pork & Chicken Layered Pie:

A layer of marinated chicken breast  sandwiched between layers of cured pork, this award –winning pie is one of our best-sellers

walkers pork and chicken layered pie

Walkers 2lb Fluted Ploughman’s Pie:

Succulent pork meat with layers of  Red Leicester cheese and sweet pickle.

Walkers Pork & Egg Gala Pie:

A perfect pairing  of free range boiled eggs nestled in the centre of  succulent cured pork.




A range of Walkers own 100% British pork sausages, including Lincolnshire, Cumberland and Original – all available as a chipolata or thick sausage.

sausages walkers pies


Including  Red Leicester, Colston Bassett Stilton, , White Stilton with Garlic Mushrooms and Mature Cheddar.



Hot Pies:

Choose from Chicken & Gravy, Steak, Red Wine & Portobello Mushroom and Chicken, Ham & Leek. Heat at home for a quick and tasty warm meal.


Cold Meats:

Including locally-sourced Roast Pork, Roast Beef and Leicestershire ham, plus traditional favourites, Ox Tongue, Brawn, and Haslet.




Hot Food-To-Go

Pulled Pork and Brioche Bun

Introducing our NEW slow- roasted pulled pork and brioche bun! Pair with either apple or BBQ sauce for a mouth-watering lunch!

Pulled pork

Pie & Mash

Choose from a selection of hot pies, together with creamy mash and complete with onions and mushrooms.  A great winter warmer.

pie and mash walkers pies

Meal Inspiration


Did you know…

  • Our pork pies are best served at room temperature. So take your pork pie out of the fridge half an hour before serving for the optimal flavour.
  • Some of our pies are suitable for home freezing. Check back of pack or ask in store for more details.
  • An easy way to heat up our pork pies is to pop them in the microwave. And there you have a quick fix warm meal.


Simply served with a fresh salad and chutney is one of the best ways to enjoy a Walkers Pork Pie

Also try warming up a Pork Pie and serve with potatoes and vegetables for a quick and tasty meal!Pork Pie