What Makes a Walkers Pork Pie


The recipe that we use is unique to Walkers and we have not once altered the recipe to our classic Walkers pork pie since we started baking pies in 1824.  

We remain one of the only pork pie bakeries to continue using the traditional method of making proper pork stock for our jelly.  Our knowledge of pork pies is an accumulation of experience and wisdom passed down the bakery since our creation almost 200 years ago.

Shop and Meeting room April 2014


Not only have we baked pies for hundreds of years, we have also insisted upon using quality products throughout that time.  At Walker & Son,  we firmly believe that a quality outcome can only be achieved through maintaining the quality of the ingredients we put in. This is why we promise never to cut corners or save costs on our ingredients.

We currently source only 100% British Pork as a policy,  and are unique in sourcing 75% of our wheat from the UK (we are doing our best on this…)

Walkers Shop Shoot Sept 1 2014


This is not only to our customers, but also to our suppliers and community.  We endeavour to build long lasting relationships, and have even been dealing with one British-based company, Heygates (UK Supplier of the Year 2011),  for over 20 years.

Furthermore, we aim only to use materials and suppliers that meet our Sustainability and Ethical Standards. We only use 100% Sustainable Palm Oil, making sure our business’ footprint is as small as we can manage.